It brings a tear to your eye

It brings a tear to your eye

The Egyptian red onion season is now in full flow and we have been working hard to support Egyptian exporters during this busy period across the region.  Food products are an important part of our operations and our reefer fleet is in constant transit from our home port of Adabiya right across the region.

Over the summer Transmar reefers will be in demand carrying green beans, tomatoes, garlic, lettuce, lemons, watermelon and grapes for exporters reaching out to both existing and new markets across the Middle East. Our expertise in perishable foods goes back over four decades and as the leading Egyptian container shipping line we understand what is needed to keep our export clients – and their customers – happy. We have the reefers to transport your citrus, vegetables and other perishable foodstuffs to destinations across the Red Sea, into the Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

We also have the expertise to keep them in the best condition for your customers. We know that choosing the right container for food exports is vital to ensure freshness and the condition of the products. Our experienced teams can help with advice but we also have more detailed information on how to export citrus fruits and helpful tips for pre-packing and preparation on our website at

Our food export operations help keep Egyptian exporters on the move: Egypt is now ranked as the sixth biggest producer of oranges in the world after Brazil, China, US, EU, and Mexico and agricultural output has increased over the past few years which means more exporters are searching for a reliable and experienced Egyptian container shipping line.