Confidence is part of our service

Confidence is part of our service

We talk to customers every day. They talk to us every hour and every minute of our working relationship we are confident we are providing them with the highest standards of customer service in Egypt.

As the country’s leading container shipping line we have more than a reputation to live up to: Egyptian exporters are leading the drive across the Red Sea with both dry containers and reefers and expect a partner that can support them at every stage of the transit. One of the big issues is keeping customers happy and with our online tracker you can keep your own customers informed of the current status of deliveries. This is one of the services many of our customers comment on and it has become a useful tool for exporters dealing with perishable and fresh food products.

Having the power of a group behind us in IACC Holdings, we can offer inland trucking services through Transland. This enables us to provide safe and secure door to door deliveries of our container cargo from key industrial areas in Egypt to our home port of Adabiya. One recent multinational company operating in both Europe and the Middle East told us: “We are delighted with the way we are able to provide secure services that leave on time and arrive at their doors according to both our and our customers’ schedules. This means we have confidence in your services because you deliver exactly what you say you will.”

This vote of confidence by one of our largest customers shows we have the experience to meet the deadlines customers ask us to meet. With the support of our sister companies we can make those final mile deliveries so our guarantees are based on our own operations, not those of a third party we cannot control.