40 years and still and important part of the success

40 years and still and important part of the success

When you work with a company you usually do with a fixed term contract: whether you continue with that contract or decide that you want to change suppliers is entirely a matter of customer satisfaction. For the past 40 years Transmar has been a leading partner for many of the global brands that have business interests across the Middle East and these partnerships are growing.

Global companies need to have confidence in the partners they choose: they need reliability, dependable services and most importantly, the knowledge that attention to detail is paramount. As Egypt’s leading container shipping line we have more than a reputation to live up to: Egyptian exporters are leading the drive across the Arabian Gulf with both dry containers and reefers and expect a partner that can support them at every stage of the transit. This applies to the multinationals and brands that look to the Middle East as an important region for trade and business development. Our container services are what they seek out because they appreciate the detailed service we promise and deliver.

Earlier this year a global company operating in both Europe and the Middle East told us: “Our customers are delighted with the way we are able to provide secure services that leave on time and arrive at their doors according to both our and their schedules. This means we have confidence in your services because you deliver exactly what you say you will.” Thanks to our online tracking services and dedicated customer focussed teams, we have the tools and the drive to ensure their goods are delivered on time – every time.

With the group power of IACC Holdings behind us we can also offer inland trucking services that enable us to provide safe and secure door to door deliveries of our container cargo across the region. Transmar has the power, the determination and the skills to keep local exporters and global brands moving.